500 Women Scientists: DC Pod
500 Women Scientists: DC Pod
We believe in science and women scientists. Promoting networking, mentoring and public engagement.

We believe in science and women scientists: promoting networking, mentoring and public engagement.


We are a DC-based community of women scientists standing up for underrepresented groups in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), evidence-based decision making, and scientists' civic engagement.


We Form Partnerships


Along the way, we share experiences, learn together, support each other, and have a good time.



The science of climate change is clear and the effects are already here - this is not a future problem, this is an immediate climate emergency. Young people all over the world are leading the charge for immediate action. We must support these young people and join them in the climate strike on September 20th and show our political and business leaders across the world that climate change is a global threat to us and to our children. We have a large role to play as the DC pod and need everyone’s help.


what do we stand for?

Our Mission

We are the Washington D.C. region pod for 500 Women Scientists. Our mission is to promote groups traditionally underrepresented in science, evidence-based decision-making in policy, and increased civic engagement by scientists. To achieve these goals, we will:

  • monitor federal policy and political issues and broadcast what we see to the broader 500 WS community;

  • connect 500WS community members to our networks in DC, lead policy trainings, and support members during visits to DC in order to facilitate 500WS engagement in federal policy;

  • increase scientific literacy and confidence in our own communities;

  • contribute to 500WS national-level actions; and

  • engage in local outreach endeavors to broaden participation in the sciences.